At AGAVE, quality is one of our main pillars. Our dedication to quality has allowed us to position ourselves at the top of the natural fiber market. By controlling each of the influential factors within the productive process we obtain a product that surpasses our clients' expectations and as a result, their satisfaction.

Our History

AGAVE S.A. de C.V. A company dedicated to the manufacturing of natural fibers established on March 10, 1962. Its name comes from the scientific name of the Agave plant; from which the Sisal Fiber is extracted. The most commonly grown species of Agave in El Salvador are the following: Agave, Letonae, Trelease. The company began its operations by processing Henequen Fiber, and in turn became a pioneer in Latin America for the growth and industrialization of the Kenaf fiber, a substitute for Jute. Currently, Agave counts on infrastructure with the capacity to produce 630,000 yards of flat weave made from Henequen and Kenaf Fiber and 54,000 yards of circular knit made from Henequen.


Manufacture superior products made from Sisal and Kenaf with excellence, hygiene, and technology. Form strategic alliances with our clients by assuring the preservation of their products and brand positions.


Become strategic allies with our clients for Sisal and Kenaf products. Maintain the highest standards of quality, service and social responsibility. Commitment to employees and innovative technology.


At AGAVE, quality is one of our main pillars. This has allowed us to position ourselves in the market for over 60 years. By controlling each of the influential factors within the productive process we are able to offer a product that surpasses our clients' expectations.   Our commitment to excellence in quality is achieved through excellent service, which is why our entire personnel is oriented towards maintaining a strategic vision allowing us to provide our clients a complete and integrated business solution.

Our Products

We are specialists in natural fibers, offering an innovative line of quality products using natural Kenaf and Henequen fibers. We specialize in creating products that fit the specifications of our clients. Below are some of the products that we offer for retail and wholesale. We also export our products to any part of the world. All products are manufactured by Salvadorean hands, which have experience in creating a product of quality and beauty.

See our products made from:


Our product line includes a diversity of materials, which is why we offer a versatility of characteristics, properties, advantages and benefits for any type of product.


Our products have proven to be of high quality and unique characteristics because they are made of natural and biodegradable fibers, which come from Sisal. Our clients prefer us because of the variety of designs and colors. We have plenty of experience in the manufacturing all different kinds of Henequen derived products.

corporate social responsibility

To AGAVE S.A. de C.V. The priority is Social Responsibility aimed at improving the quality of life of each of the members of the community.

We are focused and support Technology, Health, Recreation and Sport Court & Apparel Workshops
We provide advanced education SARA Borgonovo Pohl school, located in El Platanar, Moncagua Township, which did not have the computing resource.
Providing necessary equipment (hardware, software, and Internet), also of hiring a specialized teacher and we rely on the tools provided by the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and CCA platform, in which each student a user has access, which allows to track the progress of each student.

The continued support of the community clinic, as well as talks with the committee comprising staff of our company AA group, the continued support of our community helps to better human development of our children and youth with a system of early prevention of bad habits that plague our society.

Football, Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Agave unconditionally supports healthy recreation for our community staffs certified trainers and sports equipment for our children and youth and family recreation seeks.

Dressmaking WORKSHOPS
We have trained professionals with vocational courses for over 5 years helping to Progreso and local development.



Calle L-1 y L-2, Boulevard Acero, Edificio Borgonovo. Ciudad Merliot. La Libertad. El Salvador.

(503) 2508-1100, (503) 7737-5238


Hacienda el Platanar, Moncagua San Miguel. El Salvador.

(503) 2656-6730, (503) 2656-9155

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