About us

Our company was developed with the premise of providing our clients with packaging solutions. We manufacture our products according to client requirements and work to deliver products that satisfy and exceed our customer's expectations. We offer complete and reliable solutions.

We are a company committed to quality and the development of products with the most advanced technology. We surround ourselves with qualified and talented personnel to make this mission a reality.

Our level of service has made us leaders in our market, and a reliable option for clients around the world.

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Sacos Sintéticos was founded in February of 1975 by Salvadorean industrialists, the Borgonovo Pohl family. Since its earliest beginnings it stood out as a company which served the agricultural industry, specializing in packaging sugar, salt, flour, grains and animal feed.

Currently Sacos Sintéticos has an installed capacity of over 4.5 million meters per month. Its main export markets are Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, United States of America, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. We serve many customers in several different industries such as:






Animal Feed


Sand Bags

Construction and others

Mission & Vision


In Sacos Sintéticos Centroamericanos, we offer quality products and packaging solutions using woven and nonwoven polypropylene material.  We act as leaders in the Salvadorean market, and base our growth in the export market. We distinguish ourselves by  providing our customers with: on time deliveries, personalized service and quality.  These combined attributes ensure a high quality service and overall client satisfaction.


Continue being a successful business nationally and internationally through sustained growth, innovation and product diversification using advanced technology.


Our Values

Respect and tolerance

Providing personalized service to our customers in an environment of respect and tolerance.
Make available to our customer products manufactured with advanced technology at competitive prices.
Ensure quality control plans in each of the phases of production to ensure product requirements and product integrity.
Comply with order specifications and ensure "timely delivery".
Competent staff trained to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively, committed to continuous improvement.



In 2008, SASICASA embarked in a rigorous certification process for Quality Management under ISO 9001:2008, and successfully became a "Certified Company" in 2009.

Our commitment to quality is one of our most important strengths. It has allowed us to create the basis for being leaders in the region. By controlling each of the crucial factors that ensure quality, we have gained the confidence and loyalty of our customers. Fulfilling these goals has allowed us to offer packaging solutions and maintain the integrity of our clients’ products.


Polipropylene Fabric

Woven Sacks

Laminated Bags

Promotional Bags

Polypropylene Yarn

Polypropylene Rope

Jumbo Liner Bags


Tarps and Awnings


We offer coated and uncoated fabric produced in   4, 6, and 8 shuttle looms, we weave tubular and flat fabric for multiple uses.

We offer woven polypropylene bags in accordance with our client´s requirements: measurements, colors, construction, logos, and prints. These bags can be printed front and back with up to eight colors.

We also offer laminated bags which are used mostly for flour, animal feed, chemicals and fertilizers. These bags are made with woven polypropylene fabric which is covered with a special film that avoids leaks and contamination.


We manufacture promotional bags which can be used to promote your brand and create brand recognition within your client base.

Used in the manufacturing of several different products, including rope, footwear, and agricultural applications.

Used for several industrial and agro-industrial applications.

We provide Jumbo Bags for containers of 20 - 40 ft. for industries that manage products in bulk, such as sugar, coffee, rice, etc..

Manufactured for several different products to manage and stock in half ton and one ton presentations.

We produce fabric and awnings for different uses and applications

Photographic quality packaging of excellent integrity, rigidity and performance. Consumer oriented packaging with high-quality prints for better results at the point of sale and precise product placement. 

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Kilómetro 10.5 carretera al Puerto de La Libertad. La Libertad, El Salvador.

Phone: (503) 2524-5500

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Email: info@sasicasa.com